Blog Seasonal Lawn Care Tips: How Bruno's Professional Lawn's & Landscape Keeps Your Yard Flourishing Apr 19, 2024

As the season changes, so too do the needs of your lawn and landscaping. At Bruno's Professional Lawn's & Landscape, we understand the importance of maintaining your yard all year round. That's why we have compiled a list of seasonal lawn care tips to ensure that your yard stays lush and flourishing no matter the time of year.

Spring: As the weather warms up, it is important to start preparing your lawn for the growth ahead. This includes tasks such as aerating the soil, dethatching, and overseeding any bare patches. Our team at Bruno's Professional Lawn's & Landscape can help with these tasks to kickstart your lawn's growth.

Summer: Summer is the time for regular maintenance to keep your lawn looking its best. This includes mowing regularly, watering deeply but infrequently, and keeping an eye out for pests and diseases. Our professionals can provide routine maintenance to ensure your yard stays healthy throughout the summer months.

Fall: As the temperatures start to cool, it is important to prepare your lawn for the winter months ahead. This includes tasks such as fertilizing, raking leaves, and aerating the soil once again. Our team can help with these tasks to ensure your lawn is prepared for the dormant season.

Winter: Although your lawn may be dormant during the winter months, there are still ways to care for it. This includes tasks such as clearing snow promptly to prevent damage to the grass below and avoiding walking on frozen grass. Our professionals can provide snow removal services to keep your yard safe and protected.

By following these seasonal lawn care tips, you can keep your yard looking its best year-round. And with the help of Bruno's Professional Lawn's & Landscape, you can rest assured that your lawn and landscaping are in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help keep your yard flourishing throughout the seasons.

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